Work with CSXIT

Independent Contractors (IC) own their tractors/equipment and independently run their day-to-day operations. An IC can choose to haul free-lance (not committed to any one customer or product) or they may enter into a lease agreement to dedicate their tractor/equipment to one customer or product.

CSXIT Independent Contractors operate under the DOT authority of CSXIT. The IC owns, or has exclusive use, possession and control, of a power unit. The CSXIT/IC relationship is not an employer-employee relationship.

Minimum Requirements for a Commercial Motor Vehicle (Tractor)

All Commercial Motor Vehicle’s (Tractor) must pass a FMCSA Tractor Inspection:

All commercial motor vehicles (tractors) must pass a FMCSA Tractor Inspection, to be performed by a CSXIT Inspection Vendor. The tractor must pass the inspection prior to leasing on with CSXIT. Trucks older than 10 years will be considered, but only on a case-by-case basis.

Note: Before a FMCSA Truck Inspection can be administered, regulations require that you must have an emergency triangle kit and a mounted fire extinguisher in your truck.



What are the minimum requirements to become a CSX Intermodal Terminals (CSXIT) Independent Contractor?

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