Independent Contractors

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

We are committed to safety. Please review and familiarize yourself with the tools and resources below.

Independent Contractor Tools DeSCRIPTION
Safety Rulebook Safety rules and related safe work practices while conducting business at a CSXIT facility.
Terminal Drayman Guides The guides detail general network-wide processes, safety rules and key actions for success.
Drayman Safety Brief Information on conducting business at a CSXIT facility.
Independent contractor Resources DeSCRIPTION
DOT Leasing Regulations OOIDA site for FMCSA Part 376: Leasing and interchange of vehicles.
FMCSA Regulations 49 CFR Parts 300-399 Provides the ability to find Federal regulations and guidance for all commercial transportation operations.
BASIC 2290 Information for Owner Operators/Independent Contractors IRS site for filing the annual 2290-Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return.
CSA-Compliance Safety Accountability One-stop resource for safety compliance materials on FMCSA's CSA program.
FMCSA Driver Resources Provides information for driver medical fitness for duty.
New FMCSA Medical Regulations New FMCSA medical regulations require that certain health standards are met in order to get and keep a commercial driver's license.



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