About Us

RailPlus is CSX Transportation’s Complete Door-to-Door Intermodal Service Product

Intermodal rail combines the superior economics of rail with the short-haul flexibility of trucks to offer a competitive alternative to mid to long-haul trucking. RailPlus gives freight brokers the opportunity to pass along the environmental and economic benefits of intermodal rail to their customers while simultaneously saving themselves time so they can book more loads and make more money.

RailPlus moves freight from coast to coast and as little as 500 miles to over 50 locations throughout the U.S. RailPlus gives freight brokers access to MORE markets, MORE reliability, MORE service and MORE capacity. 

Powered by the efficiency of rail, enhanced by the flexibility of truck, RailPlus means MORE.


About The RailPlus Team

Within CSX, several groups across subsidiaries are involved in the RailPlus product:

CSX Transportation CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.

Manages the commercial responsibilities of the business including pricing, sales and marketing.

Manages and operates more than 40 intermodal facilities across the network.

About CSXT

As one of North America’s largest intermodal rail service providers, CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal combines the efficiencies of rail with the flexibility of trucking to ensure your business stays on track. CSXT Intermodal’s rail network serves all major markets east of the Mississippi River, where nearly two-thirds of the nation’s population resides. For more than 185 years, CSXT has been helping customers overcome the unexpected. While you can’t predict the future, CSXT Intermodal can help you prepare for it.

Through a network of over 40 terminals, the intermodal business serves all major markets east of the Mississippi and transports goods in containers, providing customers with service similar to trucking for shipments moving over 500 miles. CSX Transportation, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSX Corporation.

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About CSX Intermodal Terminals

CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc. (CSXIT), based in Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the nation's leading intermodal terminal operators, providing rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transloading services. 

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