Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Whether you’re an intermodal pro or novice, there’s a chance you have freight in your book of business that would benefit from a ride on the rails. Use the tools and resources below to learn how to uncover intermodal conversion opportunities including what we ship, where we ship and how to get started.

Customer Tools Description
Fast Facts Customer Communication View customer communications to keep updated on important CSXT Intermodal news & announcements.
ShipCSX Register on, and then complete this form to request access to RailPlus's online booking tool.
Service Matrix (XLS) View current shipping lane origin/destination combinations (XLS).
Accessorial Schedule (PDF) Download the RailPlus Accessorial Schedule for additional information on accessorials (PDF).
Service Directory (PDF) Rules Directory: Rules governing intermodal transportation services arranged by CSXT. Effective February 9, 2023. **To open file right click the link and select Save Target As and save to your desktop.**
Freight Safely and Securely (PDF)
We offer onsite training and consulting through our LEADS team and Load Xpert software (PDF).
Legal Loading Weight (PDF) View axle weight limits for trailers, drive and steering (PDF).
Rework Vendor List (PDF) View rework vendor options for all ramps serviced by RailPlus (PDF).

The below library of sales and marketing materials is designed to help you educate customers who are new to intermodal. If you would like a specific item created, or would like additional training, please reach out to us.

Sales Resources Description
Map Visit the RailPlus map to learn how RailPlus delivers you access to MORE markets. Learn More
Intermodal 101 Three-part introduction to intermodal rail. Great sales resource or training tool. Learn More
Intermodal Rail Case Studies Success stories from shippers who have successfully navigated intermodal rail into their supply chain. Includes stories from Fortune 100 to small-startup organizations. Learn More
Blocking and Bracing
Information Kit
Proper Blocking and Bracing techniques ensure that freight arrives safely and securely. Using a variety of equipment and resources, CSXT Intermodal experts help customize a solution that meets your shipping needs. Learn More

For additional onboarding training or material, reach out to our team of sales professionals.

Do you offer multi-stop loads?

What are the dimensions of your shipping containers?

What is the maximum weight you can move with RailPlus?

How do I book a load with RailPlus?

Do you pick-up or deliver to ports? Do you pick up /deliver in residential areas?

Do your drivers block and brace the load for the shipper?

Do drivers remove or replace HazMat placards?

Do your rates include fuel? What is your fuel surcharge?

What is your cargo insurance coverage? Can we purchase additional insurance?

Are your containers food grade?

Do you provide refrigerated service?