RailPlus Door-to-Door Network

RailPlus provides a total intermodal solution from pickup to delivery. Our core East Coast network and partnerships with Western Railroads enable us to provide expansive nationwide service from coast-to-coast. Explore our interactive map to see the markets RailPlus serves.  

Plan Your Next Intermodal Move

For current shipping lane origin/destination combinations, use CSXT Intermodals Service Matrix.   

View the RailPlus Map (JPG) and download the Service Matrix (PDF) for future use when planning full-truckload shipments across the U.S. and into Eastern Canada. 

*All terminals are CSXT-partner operated




What are the dimensions of your shipping containers?

What is the maximum weight you can move with RailPlus?

How do I become a customer?

What commodities do you move?

How do I book a load with RailPlus?

Do you pick-up or deliver to ports? Do you pick up /deliver in residential areas?

Do your drivers block and brace the load for the shipper?

Do drivers remove or replace HazMat placards?

Do you offer multi-stop loads?

Do your rates include fuel? What is your fuel surcharge?

Am I eligible to be a Drayage Carrier for CSXIT?

What is the UIIA and why is it required to be a drayage carrier for CSXIT?

How does CSXIT pay its carriers?

Does CSXIT include fuel surcharge in its settlement to carriers?

Does CSXIT require a $10,000 letter of credit for the UIIA?

How often does CSXIT settle with its carriers?

What are the minimum requirements to become a carrier for CSXIT?

How do we become valid to access facilities and equipment?

Does RailPlus offer cross-border service into Canada and Mexico?