Your Complete Door-to-Door Intermodal Solution

RailPlus is CSX Transportation’s complete door-to-door intermodal service product. Our focus is on helping our customers go above and beyond for their shippers. Going the extra mile is in our DNA. That’s why we have a plus in our name.

At RailPlus, we want to help take your business to the next level, by giving you access to MORE:

  • Capacity
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • Markets

Powered by the efficiency of rail, enhanced by the flexibility of truck, RailPlus means MORE.

There are multiple ways to ship with RailPlus including Project Freight, Committed Business and on the Spot Market. For more information on which method makes most sense for your business, contact us today.

What We Move

RailPlus moves a large variety of commodities every day. From paper and plastics to clothing and retail goods, we help you better serve your shippers through providing a one-stop intermodal solution. Commodities we frequently move include consumer electronics, appliances, food and beverage items and countless other inputs and finished goods. In fact, we even ship select Hazmat.

For more detailed information on what we ship, as well as prohibited and restricted commodities, refer to Service Directory 1 Section 6.6 thru 6.12 (PDF).

If it can be shipped via truck, it can likely be shipped via intermodal rail. We ship thousands of items every day and seasonally. Our 24/7 delivery and service support means we can meet shippers’ delivery needs at any time.

Contact your RailPlus representative to get started today.

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