CSX Intermodal Terminals (CSXIT) has proven stability and strength to be your business partner in the trucking industry. You'll have the freedom to operate your business the way you want.

Benefits of Being a CSXIT Drayage Carrier/Agent include:

  • CSXIT treats all of our partners with the utmost respect
  • Weekly settlements provide additional cash flow
  • Diverse type of work: local, regional, long
  • Diverse type of freight: team service, local dray, stay with and drop & hook
  • Great local and regional mileage and year-round freight.
  • 24/7 customer support and dispatch team provides immediate connectivity

CSXIT is always seeking to work with new drayage carriers in order to grow our Highway-to-Rail initiative. If you are interested in pulling for CSXIT, you must be set up as a motor carrier with the UIIA and have a rail equipment interchange.


What is the UIIA and why is it required to be a drayage carrier for CSXIT?

How does CSXIT pay its carriers?

Does CSXIT include fuel surcharge in its settlement to carriers?

Does CSXIT require a $10,000 letter of credit for the UIIA?

How often does CSXIT settle with its carriers?

What are the minimum requirements to become a carrier for CSXIT?

How do we become valid to access facilities and equipment?