Drayage Carriers

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

We are committed to safety. Please review and familiarize yourself with the tools and resources below.

Drayage Tools Description
Safety Rulebook Safety rules and related safe work practices while conducting business at a CSXIT facility.
Terminal Drayman Guides Designed to help draymen in and out-gate as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. The guides detail general network-wide processes, safety rules and key actions for success.
Drayman Safety Brief Information on conducting business at a CSXIT facility.

If you are a U.S.-based intermodal rail drayage carrier, please contact us to request copies of our drayage service agreements.

If you are a private, non-rail, local or regional truckload carrier and are interested in dry van, flatbed and other company material moves, please reach out to us for additional opportunities.

Am I eligible to be a Drayage Carrier for CSXIT?

How do we become valid to access facilities and equipment?